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The engine in your vehicle is a complex series of moving parts that rely on everything to work properly in order to keep you on the road. When your vehicle breaks down, it can cause lots of stress including financial strain and the inability to get around to wherever you need to go. At 2000 Auto, we offer comprehensive engine repair for all makes and models. Our facility in Melbourne FL is ASE-Certified, AAA Approved, and we provide a shuttle service just in case you need to drop your car off and need a ride until it’s repaired.

Engine Repair Melbourne FL

There can be many reasons why your car’s engine might need to be repaired. While some issues are extremely serious, others might be mild and can be corrected quickly. Some of the most common signs to look for that might indicate your engine is in trouble include:

  • Loud sounds: An obnoxious knocking sound is definitely a red flag that something is wrong with your engine. Moving parts sit on engine bearings that can become worn out due to poor lubrication or simply from high mileage. If the knocking is severe or ongoing, you may need a major engine overhaul. Let our team take a closer look to determine what type of engine repair you may need.
  • Metal in the oil: Moving parts made of metal are constantly rubbing together, and they create tiny flakes that can get into your oil. If the oil contains metal, it means that there is contact between the metal parts that shouldn’t exist due to poor lubrication. Too much friction can cause your engine parts to wear down, resulting in oil leaks or other problems.
  • Smoke: Plumes of smoke coming from your vehicle means that there’s certainly an engine-related problem. The color of the smoke can tell you what’s wrong. For example, black smoke usually means your vehicle is burning too much gasoline. White smoke usually means the engine is burning too much coolant or has a leak in the cooling system which can cause your vehicle to overheat.

Engine Service Melbourne FL

Loud noises, smoke, or metal flakes in your oil are just some of the reasons why your engine might need service. You can trust the experts at 2000 Auto to help you with all of your engine service needs. Don’t wait until the problem gets out of hand. Bring your vehicle to our facility at the first sign of trouble so we can make things right.

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From regular maintenance to major vehicle repairs, contact the friendly team here at 2000 Auto today by calling us or visit us online to schedule an appointment. We look forward to taking care of all your automotive needs!

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